Saturday, September 3, 2022

Movement sees you*

 Movement sees you*

Daylight sparkles amidst the trees

Sent out beautiful rays alive and free

Wondrous is this present nowhere else exists

Nothing to be lost or nothing to be missed

Lazy yet patient as perimeter drifts by

Noticing the clouds still in moving sky

A flow comes and has bee n taken in

Rhythm of all in the surround again and again

So, an afternoon has been absorbed into total peace

Clarity in my SOUL* to say the least

For this present I am engulfed. happy to be

To understand there is no search but within that I see

Dom*Colucci ©2022

Saturday, July 30, 2022

We'll see*


We'll  see*

In the early morn, I hear a brook

I turn to my side and take a look

But I do not see from a distance here

But is it not true that this is clear?

I could have heard a voice whispering in

And then my heart pulsating again and again

Is it because of where I am I am in tune?

From where I just was, I will find out soon

As my mind seems to fade away and disappear

All comes to peace and balance draws near

Noticing now, my SOUL* is next to me

Is this what I am looking for, we'll see

Dom*Colucci © 2022

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Nature of Spinoza*

Nature of Spinoza*

 Material is the being, not content to boot

Lack of wisdom within, hence the feeling is mute

To understand who of one is, that is the goal

This is something not taught in what has not told

It is all about being of substance, being satisfied in place

But the only one that can do that is God within your space

Agitation then is of the result then, one is not clear

One within one is the only direction here

So, if you know of this substance and see how it fills

Look into nature always but be perfectly still

A Divine love caresses each of this in what it makes

And only grows more out its love, giving never does it take

Dom*Colucci © 2022

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Stay inline, always be centered*

Stay inline, always be centered* 

In the beginning as within which is seen

A place that was aligned and true to be in

As that one who has come to be all about

Wondered with a thought which led to doubt

Now doubt has served him to dismay

In which this one has lost their way

Now struggle has come with all of its strife

No longer to be within a wise connected life

Could it be the way in which they follow?

To hear another's voice taken into swallow

Hava you ever seen a straight line ever deviate

An arrow that is shot from a bow, the target is always its mate

A path that is known always in direction

Need not seek any other direction

That is how KARMA is seen in a Universe that knows man

He steps out of that direction in where he stands

Then he puts himself in a variable that now he is lost

Into a world that does not know of himself, so he is tossed

Alignment is the key to living the life one needs

And with this to know their center one shall always succeed

Dom*Colucci © 2022

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Still, fill it up?*

Still, fill it up?*

What is so pure, whiter than milk?

Smooth is its texture like woven silk

Still without movement to the naked eye

Clouds without effort move in the sky

A peaceful feeling, harmonious all around

Silence the twin of stillness, there is no sound

No root has attached, nothing to cling

A purest form of freedom, this it brings

Have you ever felt that you have no being

But only the eyes inside of you that are seeing

Hence then if this is the case then you have become still

You have now added nothingness to emptiness to fill

Dom*Colucci © 2022

Frozen DNA is building*

Frozen DNA is building*

Fresh and still, clean and bold

Frozen droplets arriving in the cold

The clouds look billowing as they sweep

The sky is in a pillow looks like it sleeps

The music begins from a silent tune

Building up mounds, deeper it is soon

But take a gander in its moving veil

Little stars drift all over with many a tail

See what I see? is that for real?

Imaginary I say, in a swirl that I feel

Yes as it drops and goes to and fro in a sway

Does that look like a genetic code of DNA?

Dom*Colucci © 2022

What look do I see*

What look do I see*

Set yourself down and come to rest

Do some deep breathings that are the best

Take peace in settling the mind

Now start looking within in order to find

Now that your brain has hit a total blank

This is the point of emptiness to thank

As to go a little more in feeling nothing within

It is now that point where a void of texture begins

This experience is to prove of your SOUL*

That place of merging in completeness and whole

Now feel of this as you will be

No longer to search in looking only to see

Dom*Colucci © 2022

Movement sees you*

 Movement sees you* Daylight sparkles amidst the trees Sent out beautiful rays alive and free Wondrous is this present nowhere else exists N...